As an Amazon Selling Partner, you’re invited to participate in our upcoming events by offering high quality deals. Your deals will reach millions of new customers during this highly anticipated promotions. The most visible merchandising slots go quickly, so act fast!

Benefit From All Time Deals

Create Your Coupons
We are pleased to announce the launch of Coupons, a new self-service and automated marketing tool to help you differentiate your products through compelling discounts.

Upcoming Events

Welcome Ramadan

Welcome Ramadan
Event Dates: April 14th to 22nd
Deal submission Deadline : Coming soon!
If you are an FBA Selling Partner, please ensure appropriate inventory availability in FBA prior to the event.

How to submit my deals?

Lightning Deals

Opt for a Flash Sale
Promotion with more than 15% price discount, shown as a flash sales to our customers for several hours with a countdown.

From March, your LDs will have more visibility with an extended duration to 12h.

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Steps to participate

  • Go to the Lightning Deals dashboard and select "Create a new Lightning Deal" to see all the available products you can submit.
  • Click "Edit" for the deal you would like to put forward, enter the details and select week according to the event.

    If approved and selected, We will handle your deals accordingly to run during the days of the event.
  • Then click "Submit" to confirm.

Increase visibility and sales

Be among the first brands to start advertising on In this growing marketplace, you’ll have the chance to reach potentially millions of shoppers eager to discover new brands and products.
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Deals submitted after the submission deadline will not be accepted. There is no guarantee that your deal submission will be selected. Amazon retains discretion over deal selection and approval, as well as the right to suspend, terminate or modify the date of a deal. If Amazon approves and selects a deal, Amazon will determine which days during the event the deal will run on.

Minimum quantities on Seller Central do not take into account the increased customer demand and traffic that may be seen during the event. Include the total quantity you can provide as higher quantities may increase the chances your deal is selected.

You will not be able to make adjustments to your deal quantity whilst it is active. It remains your responsibility to verify if any other promotion has been already set by you on your account on approved SKUs within the same week. Amazon is not responsible for multiple promotions for a single SKU.

Important: Only high demand ASINs will qualify for Lightning Deals and appear on Seller Central, so you might only see a fraction of your selection in the Dashboard or none at all.