Your Journey Continues

Amazon Seller Central is now available in UAE
You can use your existing Souq account

Introducing Your New Amazon Seller Central Account

We are excited to inform you that your new account is now set up and ready
Since 2017, we have been focused on integrating our Souq and Amazon offerings and working hard to move our Sellers swiftly over to the Amazon system to provide a more effective service and greater selling opportunities that will help them grow their business
We did the heavy lifting for you...
As part of our commitment to support our sellers during  their  transition from Souq to Amazon, we are gradually moving your account details and inventory from your Souq account to your new Amazon Seller Central account, and moving your catalog gradually.

Please note that you can still manage your business in your Souq Selling Center account as usual until further notice. Meanwhile, you can access your new Amazon Seller Central account to check your migrated details and get familiar with using your Amazon Seller Central. We will keep you informed of all the latest changes taking place during this transition phase.

Important steps to get you started

What is needed ?

You can login to your Amazon Seller Central account using your Souq Login details (email, and password), we kept your login credentials unchanged and linked both your Souq and Amazon Login information to simplify the process
To complete your registration, you are required to review and accept our Business Solutions Agreement (BSA), which provides you with the terms and conditions that enables you to sell on Amazon.
You can use your existing Souq account

Amazon Seller University

Gain insight into selling on Amazon. Here, you will find all your seller related articles, educational videos, tools and policies overview to help you grow your business.

Help Pages

You can search related articles and find answers to most of your inquiries on the Amazon Help pages that can be accessed from your Seller Central.

What you can see now?

Account information
To help you get started, all your account details from your existing Souq account are added to your new Amazon Seller Central account.
Note that you can view and update your migrated account details in the seller account Information page in your Amazon Seller Central account.

What is next?

You will gradually start seeing your listings appear in your new Amazon seller central account under the Manage Inventory tab.
Price and Quantity
The price and quantity of your listings that is available in your Souq account is copied to your new Amazon Seller Central Account every 24 hours. We highly recommend that you check the price and quantity of your migrated listings in your new Seller Central account under the Manage Inventory tab.
Bank account information
We are working on moving your Bank account information to your new Amazon Seller Central account. We will communicate further updates in the upcoming weeks.
Additional selling tools to help you manage your business
Managing your inventory and reports got even better as more tools are available on your Amazon Seller Central. Here’s a glimpse on some of the new features:
Automated pricing
You no longer need to initiate Withdrawal Requests as payments will be automatically released to your bank account. Now you can simply Automate pricing and set the minimum and maximum prices.
Reports tab
Get access to different reports regarding payments, inventory opportunities, sales and traffic reports, campaign and advertising reports that will give you better understanding on how well you are doing as a seller on Amazon, which in turn enhance your sales and help you achieve your selling goals.
Ways to communicate
Buyer-Seller Messaging Service in your Selling Center is the perfect tool to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers in the Amazon marketplace. This tool allows buyers and sellers to communicate with each other in ways that help protect the privacy of both. You can complete orders or respond to customer service questions and stay connected with your buyers.
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