e-EMPOWER is a Khalifa Fund initiative promoting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based in Abu Dhabi brought to you in partnership with Amazon.ae.

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e-EMPOWER is an online portal designed to offer SMEs in Abu Dhabi the resources they need to power their business and continue to grow online, reaching millions of customers via Amazon.ae.
Completely free of charge, e-EMPOWER is a 10-week online course that includes more than 40 e-learning videos and dedicated support from Amazon experts.


Brand Registry


5 weeks, 4 training modules
6 hours of e-learning videos
Weekly hotline support
'Start' training modules are a step-by-step guide to launch your online store that will be featured exclusively on Amazon.ae.

Key learnings
• The essentials of running an online store
• Setting up your Amazon account and registering your Brand
• Creating powerful online product listings
• Important first steps to take to enhance your sales potential
Brand Registry


5 weeks, 5 training modules
8 hours of e-learning videos
Weekly hotline support
'Grow' training modules will walk you through everything involved in growing your online store successfully.

Key learnings
• Performance management and order fulfilment
• Establishing your brand on Amazon
• Marketing and advertising of your products
• Best practices, tips & tricks on how to rapidly accelerate sales


Enhanced Brand Content
Tailored learning curriculum with weekly modules
Sponsored Brands
Dedicated support from Amazon experts throughout your journey
Free & online – accessible anytime, anywhere in English
Brand Analytics
Exclusive visibility for successfully launched stores


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-EMPOWER?
Developed by Khalifa Fund in partnerhsip with Amazon.ae, e-EMPOWER is a free, online educational program for Abu Dhabi based businesses who wants to start a new online business or grow an existing one. The online learning is tailored to your experience level and your needs, with a comprehensive curriculum covering how to launch your business, creating powerful product listings to driving growth with advertising, deals and best practices on account performance management.

Over the course of 10 weeks, you will develop your digital selling skills via online tutorials, best practice tips & tricks as well as dedicated virtual access to Amazon step-by-step in nine modules.
Who can participate?
This program is exclusively for businesses registered in Abu Dhabi. You will need to provide your Abu Dhabi business license number.
Who is running e-EMPOWER?
This is a program run by Khalifa Fund in partnership with Amazon.ae.
Once I sign up what happens?
After reviewing your application and confirming that your business is registered in Abu Dhabi, you will receive a weekly training curriculum. This weekly curriculum has been designed to support and guide you step-by-step how to launch your Amazon.ae online store and grow it successfully in just 10 weeks.
How much does it cost?
This is a free initiative.
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